Podcasting Experiments

You are a podcaster that doesn’t want to just do the “normal” solo or interview podcast. Take a look at ways people have done different things with their podcast and learn what you can experiment with on your podcast!

Today’s episode of the Podcast Experiment features Emilie Aries. Emily is the CEO of Bossed Up, an author, a speaker, and also the host of the Bossed Up Podcast. We discuss pivoting during times of crisis, using a podcast as part of your marketing mix, having an advertiser on your podcast and also the unexpected opportunities that can come your way from podcasting. 

Insights From Emilie’s Story

Emilie started as a professional advocate for political campaigns and elections, where she became good at advocating for other people. However, one day realized how hard it is, especially as a woman, to advocate unapologetically on your own behalf. She started Bossed Up where her company has created coaching programs, leadership accelerators, in person training programs. She now works with companies who believe in gender equality to really help further develop their women leaders.

Pivoting During Crisis

The Bossed Up business model was based primarily on live events and workshops. So during 2020 they had to change their business model. All of Emilie’s in-person speaking contracts evaporated. All of the Bossed Up events we had planned for across the country went away and her company had to scrap everything.

Emilie realized that her company had to figure their own way out of these problems. She started to ask questions such as: “How can we offer these services online?” The answer to this question led to the creation of new online offerings. On the whole, Emilies says her business is actually going to be stronger because of Covid-19 forcing rapid innovation into the digital space. 

Using A Podcast To Market A Business

Emily was originally recruited by a very big podcasting network called HowStuffWorks. She was offered the position as host for a major podcast. Then the podcasting network was sold and she found herself out of a job. However, by that point, she already had fallen in love with the medium. 

At that time, podcasting really wasn’t used for marketing. She decided to create her own podcast: Bossed Up. She thought it was an opportunity to be generous and to serve others well. For anyone who wanted more content or services, she would sell products and services to those individuals. 

Creating a Podcast For Marketing Purposes

Emilie views using podcasting as marketing as a compromise between her artistic desires and her business requirements. Emilie has a marketing director Kirby. Together they look at the calendar as it relates to their sales goals. When creating the new podcasts, Emilie and Kirby ask, “What kinds of episodes would attract that client? How can we create fun, interesting, informative and high value episodes that also happen to attract the client we’re looking for?”

Once they come to a conclusion, then that’s the topic that we hammer home for a couple of weeks. There are some exceptions. For example, something might happen in the news that calls for our attention, we kind of stop the presses and focus on those current topics. 

Finding Advertisers For Your Podcast 

Emilie works with an advertising agency, because she is not a full time podcaster. Her role is that of CEO. An advertising agency does the work for her. Emilie admits that she is not sure if it’s worth the time. It takes time to research brands and to figure out if they’re a great partner for the show. Then they have to read the copy that they send over and then record it, edit it, upload it, and insert it into the podcast. And for all of this work, Emilie says that the company does not make much money.

Finding Opportunities Through Podcasts

Emilie got her book deal, because her editor at Hachette is a huge podcast fan. So she’s just one of those people who is constantly poaching podcasters, to become authors. And it was a very organic partnership.

If you have a great relationship with thousands of people who have tuned into your podcast, some of them are going to buy your book. Podcasting can lead to many great opportunities as you form relationships with the listeners. 

A Final Word

You can find Emilie’s Bossed Up podcast here. In addition, here’s a link to her book: Bossed Up

Thanks to Emilie for sharing about her podcasting journey. I hope you learned as much from this interview as I did. Thanks for listening. 


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