Podcasting Experiments

You are a podcaster that doesn’t want to just do the “normal” solo or interview podcast. Take a look at ways people have done different things with their podcast and learn what you can experiment with on your podcast!

Jeff Long joins us today to share some things that we can learn to help with eLearning and online training. He provides help with eLearning (as well as video production and web design) at True Focus Media. You can also connect with him on Twitter.

What is eLearning and training?

It’s not new – it’s as old as the internet. It includes engaging videos and flexible websites.

Many companies haven’t even thought of this possibility! Instead of having a trainer come in or having the HR manager do the training, eLearning can benefit companies. Some

  • Incentvies
  • Rewards
  • Gamification

Are there any industries that would benefit more from eLearning?

  • Software companies
  • Medical training companies (brainynurses.com is an example)
  • Non-profit

Styles or formats for eLearning

How you present your material may be determined by your budget.

It may also depend on your audience – what works for them?

  • Filming a presenter
  • Power point slides
  • Quizes and Tests
  • Webinars
  • Story-driven/scenario

First steps for eLearning preparation

  • What do you want to deliver?
  • What do you want the person to take away?
  • What are the three or so points to facilitate that?

Keep it simple!

Do your research – make sure you’re creating what your client needs!

Resources to get started

  • ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camptasia Studio (Windows) for screen capture
  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Youtube (use unlisted and embed on a password-protected web page)
  • eJunkie
  • Membership plugins for WordPress
  • Learning management plugins

Just get started (this theme keeps coming back!). Don’t let the technology scare you.

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In the comment section below, please share one of the following:

  1. What is something that you can share with your business/audience in the form of eLearning?
  2. How can I use eLearning to help meet your needs? (I’m planning to put together some tutorials and training soon – I need your input!)
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