Podcasting Experiments

You are a podcaster that doesn’t want to just do the “normal” solo or interview podcast. Take a look at ways people have done different things with their podcast and learn what you can experiment with on your podcast!

Podcasting is a great way to both showcase your expertise and bring inspiring stories to your potential customers. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business, sell digital products, or offer services to clients – you can use podcasting to help you reach your customers and grow your business. But it takes both planning and persistence because podcasting is a long-game, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Today’s episode of the Podcast Experiment features Tammy Gooler-Loeb, host of the weekly podcast Work From The Inside Out. Tammy interviews individuals who have experienced a major career transition. But today’s show focus is all about starting a podcast. Tammy is a client of mine, and she shares what she has learned in creating near 100 podcasts. 

The Two Groups Of Podcasters

There are often two groups of podcasters. First is the group of people who dive into podcasting. It seems so simple to them. They just buy a microphone and start podcasting.

But there is another group of people who need more help. Some people are overwhelmed with the technology or recording audio. There are even occasions where some people start podcasting and then randomly stop creating new podcast episodes. 

But no matter where you are, you likely need some form of help with podcasting. The great news is it is really easy today to reach out to other podcasters. Through social media, such as Facebook Groups, you can ask questions and find information from many well-established podcasters.

And that’s what Tammy did. She did her research and was ready for the launch of her podcast.   

The Importance Of Having A Plan

Tammy knew that many people start a show and then stop podcasting. Early on, she made the decision that this would not happen to her. She got some great advice from other more seasoned podcasters and crafted a plan. She learned first hand that it is easy to learn the foundational information about podcasting before you dive in. 

How To Share The Podcast

Tammy shared that she uses social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to get more listeners for her podcast. She outsources this task as well. Every time an episode goes up, there’s artwork for each episode, and then she posts the podcast on her website. She has show notes that she writes, and she also sends out a weekly email. Tammy has a simple system in place that allows her to share her podcast with as many people as possible. 

A Surprising Benefit of Podcasting 

Tammy shared that she received some emails from listeners saying, “I like your writing, I love the way you tell the story. You’re a great storyteller.” So she realized she is a writer, and she never thought of herself in that way. She decided to write a book based on the content and topics from the podcast. She has used the stories of guests on the show. The book will shine a light on her podcast as well as her coaching services. 

Taking Ownership And Booking Guests

At one point, Tammy realized that she never used the word podcast host on her LinkedIn profile. She decided to take ownership and added podcast host right there under her name on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is very keyword sensitive, so Tammy started receiving LinkedIn invitations to connect with people. This change led Tammy to create a system that changed how she booked podcast guests. For example, to be a guest on her show, she requests that a potential guest listen to a few episodes and leave a rating on Apple Podcasts. Then, she asks for the individual to send a pitch about what value he or she could bring to the podcast. 

Tammy also does a pre-interview for about thirty minutes before she records her podcast. The pre-interview is a time to go over questions and talking points to ensure that the interview goes smoothly. The pre-interview also helps develop a relationship with the guest. These systems help ensure that guests are engaged and provide a lot of value for the listeners. 

A Final Word

I hope you enjoyed this episode with Tammy as she shared many valuable insights about podcasting. Tammy demonstrated the power of having a simple systems in place to improve the listener experience and create a high-quality show. Thanks to Tammy for being on the Podcast Experiment.

You can get in touch with Tammy by visiting her website tammygolerloeb.com or listening to her podcast Work From The Inside Out. Her book will be out in the first few months of 2021. 


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