Podcasting Experiments

You are a podcaster that doesn’t want to just do the “normal” solo or interview podcast. Take a look at ways people have done different things with their podcast and learn what you can experiment with on your podcast!

Claire Winter has been a journalist and content creator for over 20 years. She is also passionate about helping business owners get rid of their writing blocks. Claire is also host of the Cracking Content podcast. In this episode, we will talk about launching podcasts, repurposing content, sharing your podcast, and the benefits of podcasting. 

Launching A Podcast

In this interview, Claire shares that she had an engaged audience when she launched her podcast. She says that a lot of people got on board and helped share the show. Many people reviewed the podcast too. She actually held a competition, and her show charted in the UK marketing charts underneath Amy Porterfield. She took a screenshot and then shared it with her launch team to let them know what they achieved together.

In most cases, there are a lot of people that start a podcast, but don’t have an audience. And so they don’t see the big results early on. And they get discouraged. So having an engaged audience really helps. 

A Better Way To Promote Your Content

When many people promote their content, they say “Hey, subscribe to my podcast,” or “Hey, listen to my podcast.” But you’ve got to have some content available for people that might not be into podcasts. They might want to watch a video, read a blog, or look at your social posts. So it is important to get very clear about knowing your audience and how you connect with them. There are also many different hashtags you can use to build up your audience. Be sure to use those as well so you can reach as many people as possible. 

Rethinking Podcast Show Notes And Repurposing

Claire says that you can take one piece of what I would call a core piece of content and repurpose it into other things. For example, you can take a video, send it to rev.com, turn it into a blog and so on. Taking the blogs that are successful on my website and making them into podcast episodes. Sometimes Claire will do it the other way round for clients. A client they might create a great podcast, and then she will turn it into written content. 

Benefits of Podcasting 

One of the benefits of podcasting is that it is another way for Claire to grow her audience. She says that it is another space for people to find her. In addition, having your own podcast also elevates you as an expert. You can put it in your bio that you have a show about a certain topic. And the more you do it, the more you establish yourself as an expert in that field. 

Claire made the decision to do mostly solo episodes because she wants them to have her teaching. And she wants to showcase her skills. However, she is also doing a monthly interview once a month. She talks to men and women that have created amazing businesses through content marketing. For example, the last interview she shared was with a woman who has spoken at two TEDx talks. She’s an expert in inclusivity. During this podcast episode, she talked about creating inclusive content, and she also shared about how she gave two TEDx talks.

There is even more information included in this insightful episode. I highly recommend you listen to the entire episode. If you would like to learn more about Claire Winter, you can visit her website and she also has a free Facebook group called Cracking Content. You can also find her on all social platforms at Claire Winter UK.


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